Curious? Always wanted to try throwing on the wheel or just getting your hands (and everything else) a little dirty?

Clay is such a forgiving material and is almost 100% recyclable. So, if at first you don’t succeed… try… try again! EVERYONE can create something!

You are welcome in our studio. We offer classes to anyone who wants to explore their inner artist!!

Currently we have three wheels (another on the way). We also offer slab building for those who either can’t or don’t feel comfortable on the wheel. You can create anything you like!

  • Sculpture
  • Cups, bowls and other functional pieces
  • Gifts that can be customized with names, dates, etc.. We have stamps, carving tools and a variety of decorating colors and glaze options.

Classes start at $15 per hr plus $1.25 per lb of wet clay. This covers all your materials, tool usage and firing. Once your piece is fired completely you can either pick it up at our studio or for an extra shipping fee we can send it to you.

Classes are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY right now. Once we get on a regular schedule for opening hrs we will offer walk-ins too.

For more in depth classes (multi day) or for group classes please give us a call at 814-612-2020 or just stop by!